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Sunshine Cleaning Contractors Services  Corp. are highly experienced in a variety of restaurant cleaning services. Our team is made up of dedicated technicians who know how to clean a kitchen to not only satisfy but exceed expectations for restaurant code requirements.


We always outshine our competition!

The required upkeep for commercial kitchens and restaurants are immense. Don’t feel bad if your commercial kitchen has a rainbow of stains gathered on its ceiling. It is just a sign that you have been busy serving your customers and being busy is never a bad thing for a restaurant. It is very common for a restaurant to create all kinds of messes from grease to grime and beyond.


Professionally cleaning your restaurant makes for a better, experience for customers

With restaurant cleaning services from Sunshine Cleaning Contractors, you’ll get a refreshed, clean space that impresses customers and helps keep your staff healthy.

Our Services:

Dining Areas
Hood & Exhaust
Bar area
Emergency Cleaning



Locally Owned and Operated.

We are insured and bonded.

Best Prices.

Flexible Schedules.

Professional Team.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning.

Experience & Expertise.

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We provide Janitorial Services tailored to the needs of our clients within budget and on time. We’re dedicated to getting the job done right for you

At Sunshine Cleaning Contractors, we are determined to provide customer care and quality service that goes above and beyond that of any other company. We select employees who enjoy their work and whom insist on a foundation of excellence, pride, aptitude, and teamwork not seen from other companies. Through meeting and exceeding our challenges, having strong leadership, innovation, and unity we will persevere to be a model business for the future.

What Our Customers Say

We Love What We Do & We Love Helping You!

“Sunshine Cleaning Contractors provides excellent service. Juan’s employees are always on time and dedicated.”

What Our Customers Say

We Love What We Do & We Love Helping You!

There is no better cleaning company in Miami! In just a few days our kitchen was absolutely spotless! Just after the first night we saw a huge improvement. There were grease stains and they were all removed and the floor was spotless.

What Our Customers Say

We Love What We Do & We Love Helping You!

Perfect service! We received a letter in the mail and called Sunshine Cleaning for an estimate and decided to hire. In just a few months they have proven to be the best!